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My Redbox Picks

You probably remember that I posted about a few summer movies I wanted to see. Well some of them I got to see! Some of them I’m still waiting. But I’ve got to say that right now, there are several movies at Redbox that are fantastic, a few from that summer list. And if you have to choose between $10 or $2 for a movie night, the latter isn’t so bad, even if you have to pop your own popcorn. Here’s what I recommend:

1. Love and Friendship: I cannot say how much I loved this movie. It was witty and lively and in line with the other Jane Austen stories. It was so good, I put it on my Christmas list.

2. The Huntsman Winter’s War: Don’t watch this until you’ve seen the first. While I will admit there are a few parts that are a bit dark for my taste, the overall story and themes are what classic fairytales are made of. This sequel blew away my expectations.

3. Alice Through The Looking Glass: Again, another sequel that was so much better than I had anticipated! This second Alice movie brought back all the beloved characters of the first and I would argue it had a lighter, more family friendly tone to it.

4. The Jungle Book: Everyone raved about this movie but since I didn’t really grow up watching it, it took me a shamefully long time to see it. Definitely didn’t expect the fullness and beauty in this Disney movie. And they kept the main theme song which made this heart happy.

5. Ghostbusters: While this might seem like a remake on the old ghostbusters… oh wait, it is. Except these gals hit it with humor so it’s okay that it’s basically the same story. They also include lots of elements and appearances from the 1984 version to give you a smooth-as-butter transition.

6. Free State of Jones: If you’re looking for a drama that will make you feel things, this it is. Dearest Carl and I watched this movie the other night and loved it. It’s based off a true story and Matthew McConaughey gives a stunning performance.

What things are you watching these days?

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