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What We’re Eating

Happy Monday! Aren’t Mondays better when you know it’s a short work week? I think so. How was your weekend? Mine was spent mostly in bed with the cat, drinking La Croix Sparkling Water and watching movies while Dearest Carl spent too many hours refinishing the living room floor. It still isn’t finished but it’s well on the way! I can actually envision what our living room will look like now which is wonderful. I can plan better and decorated better in my head. However, putting up the Christmas tree is postponed. Hopefully only one more week.

Obviously there is only a little going on in the kitchen this week. Once we hit the holidays, we spend lots more time with family and friends and less time cooking in my own kitchen. Which is great but I feel like I make it up in baked goods. We’ll see how I do this year…

Monday: Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese
Tuesday: Nacho Cheese and Guacamole
Wednesday: Rice with my family
Thursday: Thanksgiving!
Friday: With the Dearest Carl’s family

What Thanksgiving dish are you looking forward to most?
(Image via Heart Love Always)

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