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Frivolous Friday

When you are awake just shy of 24 hours on Thanksgiving, you sleep in until noon. But at least I’ve got a few goodies for those of you who are snuggling at home today! How was everybody’s Thanksgiving? I hope you’re enjoying all your leftover turkey sandwiches. Over at our Thanksgiving with the Watkins, the turkey was eaten, I got my sweet potato casserole and my maple pumpkin cheesecake was a hit! We stayed up ridiculously late eating popcorn and watching Ghostbusters with everyone so we stayed in bed a little longer this morning. But I’m still making breakfast for lunch because there’s bacon!

This weekend will involve lots of Christmas music and present wrapping and unwrapping and more time with the Watkins family and eggnog. And by George, I’m going to get out as many Christmas decorations as I can without putting things in the living room. I have high hopes that we’ll be able to get our tree up in a beautiful finished living room by next weekend!!!! What are you up to this weekend?

The sound of Christmastime

So many cozy candles

My favorite combination

That latte with these

Hello Holiday

Christmas Eve dress acquired

Have a good one!

(Image via Coffee + Grace)

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