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What We’re Eating

Mondays after a long weekend are hard. But at least this Monday we can blare our Christmas music and test our hands at homemade peppermint mochas. I got out a few Christmas decorations on Friday so our house has some Christmasy spots. The wreaths are hanging on the windows so if you drive by, you couldn’t tell that the inside isn’t as cheery as the outside. Here’s to hoping and praying it will be all glittery soon!

Today I’m venturing to the grocery. Usually Fridays are grocery days but I travel to no store the weekend after Thanksgiving. I’m banking on the fact that today is Cyber Monday so everyone should be buying things from their computers at home, right? I have a crock pot soup I need to get going so it needs to be a quick trip! Other than that, I’m going to do my best to make simple meals because I have to make a heck of a lot of Christmas candy this year and that requires a lot of sweetened condensed milk.

Monday: Crock Pot Beer Cheese Soup and Pretzels
Tuesday: Pigs in a Blanket and Carrots
Wednesday: Guacamole and Cheese
Thursday: Pancakes
Friday: Pizza with the Watkins

What’s on your menu this week?

(Image via Hannah Rose Beasley)


  1. i need to be there for dinner on Wednesday=)

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