My Winter To Do List

Next to Fall, Winter is my favorite season. While hygge might be the new “It” concept, I’ve been striving for it ever since I got married, even though I never had a word for it. My mom has always been so good at making a cozy home to spend the winter in and that’s my goal too! Through good food and flannel sheets and candles and plans with friends, we pass the winter very cozily here. Of course there are some things I’m hoping to accomplish this winter in particular and you’ll notice that having a snowball fight isn’t one of them.

– Create the best hot chocolate bar ever: With my world famous crock pot hot chocolate recipe of course.

– Learn to gift wrap correctly: My grandma is the best at it. Even Dearest Carl is better than me.

– Buy a new coat: Iceland and the outdoors in winter await!

– Mix and match essential oils in our diffuser: Still the best Christmas gift ever.

– Visit IKEA: And definitely get some of those things on my wish list.

– Hang things on our beautiful living room walls: Because it’s almost ready for it!

– Have a big ol’ game night and invite the whole world: I have eleven months of hospitality to get out of my system.

– Watch The Hunt For Red October with Dearest Carl: You know, our Valentine’s Day tradition.

– Stock up on candles: I burn them way too fast once the weather gets cold.

Other than Christmas, what are some things you are looking forward to about winter?

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