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What We’re Eating

Woah, what a weekend! So much happened over here. First, Bekah and I got through our Harry Potter marathon and it was fantastic. You catch so much more detail when you watch them all in a row and she is the master of HP trivia. Also, Dearest Carl finished the floor!!! The smell made us evacuate our house for two nights, cat and all, but I have amazing in-laws who let us crash in their spare bedroom. Now we’re home though, the floor looks amazing (I mean AHmazing!!!) and I’m plotting to put all the furniture back in place and set up the tree as soon as I possibly can!

This week is a spread of good food. I’m super excited to try out tonight’s soup! Lasagna is wonderful in it’s usual form and I think as a soup, it will be to die for. So much cheese.

Monday: Lasagna Soup
Tuesday: Salmon Melts and Fruit
Wednesday: Pancakes
Thursday: Celebrating my little sister’s birthday!
Friday: Pizza

What are you eating this first week of December?

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