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Gift Guide: Him

Full confession, I’m done shopping for Dearest Carl. I planned it all out early and ordered it all when I was ordering gifts for our Watkins Thanksmas. That way he would have no idea by the size of the box what he’s getting! It was a brilliant idea. But then I realized that I couldn’t use any of those things in this gift guide. So here’s a few guy worthy gifts that I may or may not be saving for later.

Chipotle Sea Salt: Anyone else know a guy who loves his condiments? Help him up his food game with this flavored sea salt.

iphone Alarm Clock: He probably already sleeps with his phone by his bed. So give him a way to incorporate it into the decor.

Coffee Scented Candle: Seriously, who doesn’t love the smell of coffee? That’s what his space will smell like for months with this candle.

Norwegian Wood Book: Just for the lumberjack-wanna-be in your life, he will appreciate this book in his stocking. You will too when it helps keep you warm this winter.

Antlers Mug: You could buy him the nerdy Star Wars mug that changes when you put hot liquid in it. Or you could go for this lovely piece that you won’t mind finding in your cabinet.

Shaving Soap: This stuff has rave reviews. Maybe with a good smelling soap that makes shaving easy, you won’t ever have to ask him to shave again!

I hope that helps you out buying for your man this year!

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