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Gift Guide: Them

Yes, I know that Christmas is in five days, but I can’t bear to post a gift guide before Thanksgiving which means this one is cutting it close. Sorry. It’s for the little people which means you probably already have a nice big list of things they want! But in case you are still looking for one last thing, here’s some really cute things that might give you a good idea for your daughter or nephew or grandchild.

Animal Socks: Christmas is only the beginning of the long winter ahead. It seems appropriate to gift them a pair or two of cute patterned socks.

Polar Penguin: Normally I don’t go for stuffed animals but this little guy was simply too adorable. Just imagine him poking out of your kids stocking!

Kids Cookbook: There’s nothing like getting your kids to eat healthy by letting them make things themselves. This vegetarian cookbook will teach them recipes for everything from after school snacks to dessert.

Beatrix Potter Collection: I don’t think there is a kid alive that doesn’t enjoy being read to. Spend the rest of the cold nights this winter reading Beatrix Potter’s classics.

Baking Set: Your child might already have a play kitchen, which means any of IKEA’s kitchen toys would be appropriate! But this baking set is especially sweet.

DIY Snowglobe: For the older ones who enjoy projects, this little snowglobe set comes with clay so they can create their own wintery scene to ensconce in glitter.

What kid gift are you especially proud of this year?

(Top image via Lia Griffith)

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