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So many people are wishing 2016 away like a bad penny. And it definitely had it’s moments. A hail storm ruined our roof and gave my lilacs a beating. Our A/C went out on one of the hottest weekends of the summer. We found four bats in the house and a beehive by the back door. Our house project took several unexpected turns. I’m still not pregnant and no closer to being so. But even with the tears and frustrations and fluctuating savings, 2016 had some other moments. The good kind that make you look at the year behind and think “Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all.” When all is said and done, you can choose to look at the bad moments and call it a bad year or you can choose to look at the good moments and call it a good year. Maybe not golden, but good. And I’m choosing good. Here are a few good moments we had in 2016:

– Starting the year with friends and family crowded into our house.
– Sitting around the dining room table with a group of Mormons, talking about faith.
– Watching Lizzy Bennet fight zombies with my in-laws.
– Finding the perfect recipe for chicken pot pie.
– Working from home on our backyard patio.
– Going to my first LAN party.
– Road tripping to IKEA with Olivia.
– Participating in the Daring Faith Challenge with our church.
– Attending my Little Bird’s Preschool program.
– Creating a marriage retreat weekend at home with Dearest Carl.
– Watching my littlest brother graduate.
– Spending a few days at a lake house with my mom and sister.
– Road tripping to Michigan with Bekah, twice!
– Coloring, swimming and playing games at Lincoln State Park.
– Buying all the best baby books for my sister-in-law.
– Walking around The Feast Of The Hunter’s Moon, holding hands with Dearest Carl.
– Camping by Lake Michigan with the Watkins.
– Being Cinderella for the Drumstick Dash.
– Having a Harry Potter marathon with Bekah.
– Going to my mother-in-laws Christmas concert.
– Moving furniture into our finished living room.
– Christmas morning in said living room!

I can definitely say that the good moments outweigh the bad this year. As I look back fondly on these moments, I’m welcoming 2017 with open arms, excited to see what it will bring and ready to capture new moments!

(Image via Modern Girls and Old Fashioned Men)

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