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2017 Travel Bucket List

Sometimes, you just need a separate bucket list. While I’ve got my winter goals, several of which I’ve already completed, but I felt like I needed a separate list for the places I want to go this year. There are definitely a few! Some of these have been on my list for a bit but this year, I’ve got a new ride and I want to pack on some miles. Who’s with me?

Iceland – We leave in 10 days for the country of sheep and geysers! We have our snow boots and our plane tickets and we’re ready to start out the year with our most epic trip yet.

Newport Aquarium – I’ve been to the aquarium in Gatlinburg twice but I’ve heard that the Cincy aquarium is amazing. It’s been on my bucket list for a few years so hopefully this year I’ll make it.

Chicago Museum of Science and Industry – While I’ve been to Chicago a few times to visit family, I’ve never actually played the tourist. And I’d like to! I would especially like to visit this museum because museums are awesome.

Visit Chicago Family – Some of the best trips are quick weekends away to visit family. I plan on road tripping up at least once to visit my nieces and nephews this year.

Lincoln State Park – It seems like I start looking forward to next year as soon as I leave LSP. It’s the annual Watkins vacation destination and it’s the most wonderful relaxing experience ever. No cell service, no TV, just family and books and all the entertainment the state park has to offer.

Where are you wanting to go this year?

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