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Frivolous Friday


Happy Friday! Have a good week? I sure did. Bekah and I went to see La La Land and I’ve been listening to the soundtrack ever since. Plus I got some good house cleaning time in so I’m feeling pretty good about our floors. Oh, and in case you hadn’t noticed, new blog! I had been thinking about switching to WordPress for quite a while and this week, I finally pulled the trigger. Please bear with me as I figure out all it’s quirks and design abilities.

This weekend Dearest Carl is working on the house and I’m working on the blog. We leave for Iceland in 9 days and I can’t very well leave you without things to read! I’m also hoping to make that pack of chocolate chip muffins in the pantry. What are you up to?

The ones who dream

5 ways to Hygge

Perfect teatime snack

Minimalist souvenirs

Gorgeous country home

Grab your scarves

Absolutely brilliant!

Have a great weekend!

(Image via Jared Chambers)

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