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Board Games For Two

I married into a gaming family. I don’t mean video games, though they do play those, but board games. Just about every family gathering of any kind, we pop out a board game that as many people as possible can play. And my husband is the gamiest of all of them! He’s usually the one to ask “So, what do people want to play?” and get something started. Marriage meant we had to find some games to play at home, just the two of us. It took some doing, but finally we have a stack of favorites when he’s in a game playing mood. Here’s the four we pull out over and over again:

Yahtzee: For years, my family called me the Yahtzee queen and refused to play with me. Then I married a man who matched my luck and we win about 50/50 when we play this game. We can play several rounds in an evening so it’s a good two out of three game.

Rack-O: Apparently this is a very old game, but all I know is that it’s two to four players and it’s super fun and simple. We’ve taught lots of friends to play and still enjoyed playing just the two of us. If you’re looking for something pretty brainless, go for this.

Pandemic: Dearest Carl’s family got this for Thanksmas and I was immediately obsessed, plus thrilled that you can play with two people! My family bought it for Dearest Carl and I for Christmas and it’s the one I always suggest. There is a lot of thinking and strategy involved but it’s all players against the board so you don’t have to be great at strategy to play (yay for me!)

Rivals For Catan: This was a Christmas present a few years ago and Dearest Carl and I have greatly enjoyed learning a new two player version of an old favorite. We’re still playing the basic version but the box includes several expansion levels so we’re looking forward to adding those too.

What are your favorite two player games? Anything on a screen doesn’t count!

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