Dearest Carl

We’re still celebrating Dearest Carl’s birthday over here! So here is his birthday post, just a little belatedly.

Age: 26
Current Occupation: IT Technician for Business Management Systems
Currently Obsessed With: Playing Pardus and Power Grid
Looking Forward To: Finishing the bathroom reno
Favorite Food: Watkins Famous Homemade Hamburgers
Quirks: Has a serious talent for teaching, cleans more than me before people come over, procrastinates anything on a list, knows what I like at Starbucks, refuses to grill steak, doesn’t critique my yard mowing skills, still holds my hand.

Another year with this man has given me buckets full of good memories to cherish and I look forward to what God will do through him in his next year of life. He really is the very best husband for me.

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