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A TV Show Confession

Everyone has their guilty pleasures. Whether it’s eating sweets or collecting books or attending Renaissance fairs. Mine… is British TV. If it’s made by BBC, I’ve probably heard about it and most likely seen it. I just gravitate towards period pieces! You can keep your medical dramas and reality TV, I’d rather get lost in a time period not my own. Here are four that I particularly enjoy.

Poldark: I stumbled across this show while looking for something to watch while Dearest Carl was working on a car one Saturday afternoon. I finished the entire first series that weekend… and hooked Dearest Carl… and my family. It’s a gripping story about a man who returns from war to find his father dead, his inherited estate falling to pieces and his sort of fiance engaged to his cousin. The show has it’s ups and downs, laughs and tears, joys and rages, it’s everything a good TV show should be.

Call The Midwife: Oh this show. I’ve been watching from day one and just finished up season six. While the characters have changed and evolved over time, CTM has kept all the heart and spirit. In fact, I think this last season was my favorite (I seriously cried almost every single episode). It’s definitely not one you would watch with your significant other or kids due to the midwife aspect, but it’s clean and heartwarming and just the thing for a summer binge. If nothing else, watch the latest Christmas episode. Best. Episode. Ever.

Victoria: I have seen two other films about Queen Victoria (Victoria and Albert and The Young Victoria) so I knew a bit about her before I started into this show. However this version is much better than the other two because it includes lots of the politics and issues that were going on at the time, unlike the other two versions that focus on Vic and Bertie. Also, everything about the series, costumes, soundtrack, acting, are just gorgeous.

Dr. Who: Yes, I’m one of those people who watches Dr. Who. You can thank my little sister for getting me hooked. I started watching with the Christopher Eccleston Doctor so I kinda skipped over all the bad British TV stuff. Yeah, it started off corny (think killer mannequins) but it’s gotten so much better over time, especially plot lines and graphics. Though I’m still not so sure about Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. (#teamtennant) And in case you were wondering, yes that is Jenna Coleman from Victoria. We said goodbye to her character in the last season (stupid raven) so we’ll be welcoming a new companion pretty soon… welcoming with tentatively open arms that is.

So there you have it. When one (or all) of these shows are airing, I’m spending my Tuesday evenings watching while Dearest Carl is at Bible Study. Just add ice cream and you have a perfect night.

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