Three Best Houseplants

Before I begin, let me say that I am no expert when it comes to plants. I get my know how from experimenting, Google or my mom (which is almost the same thing). So anything I say in this post comes from my experience with the plants I have. Okay, moving on.

I’ve had a lot of trouble with houseplants. I wouldn’t say I have a brown thumb exactly, I just haven’t had good luck. One, our house is kept pretty cool so all the Christmas bulbs from my grandma that are supposed to bloom… don’t. Two, I have a cat who has been the demise of too many Spider Plants to count. Three, I’m a serial over-waterer. So for one reason or another, I end up with more empty pots than plants. But! I do have three plants that have served me well in the three years of living here. Therefore I have dubbed them the three best houseplants. Here they are:

Pothos: Otherwise known as Philodendron, this plant has hung in my dining room in the same place from day one. It took a little while, but eventually she started to grow nicely, leafy vines trailing down towards the floor. I water her every other week or so (sometimes more in the winter when the air is super dry) but over time, I’ve learned when she needs a drink so I don’t really keep track anymore. I’ve also propagated another cutting from her that survived the winter and seems to be doing okay!

Jade Plant: I received this plant from a friend and honestly I’m not sure how I’ve been able to keep him alive. He’s been moved a dozen times, spent summers outside on the porch, knocked over by cats and feet and all kinds, and suffered from gross under-watering. I found out that even though he’s a succulent, he does need more water than others and after remedying the situation, he looks better than ever. He sits by the kitchen window and I just give him a drink when the soil feels dry (usually the bottom leaves start to droop too). So we have finally come to an understanding and I think he’s happy.

Snake Plant: Also known as Mother-In-Laws Tongue, this might be the most hands off amazing plant there ever was. She can handle dark corners and bright surfaces. She can thrive through the seasons of forgotten waterings. Repotting and propagating doesn’t phase her. If you have a brown thumb and want to try houseplants, start here. I water her once a month ish but otherwise, she can be left to herself. She makes me look like a good plant mom.

The biggest thing I’ve learned about having plants is that the trial and error process is crucial. Some plants might not behave in your house like the Internet says they will. So go ahead and do your research but don’t cry when you have to throw out your brown leaves. Take what you’ve learned, start small, get a watering routine together and just give yourself time to learn your plants. They’ll tell you what they need once they’ve had some time to adjust to your home.

What plants do you like having around your house? Anything I should add to my repertoire?

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