Why I Don’t Have A Newsletter

Have you ever noticed how in the last year or so, basically every website and blog has a newsletter? No matter what site it is, you pull it up and are greeted with a popup asking you to subscribe. Now I have another question. Have you ever noticed that I don’t? This might be revolutionary in the blogging world but I have three reasons why I don’t have a newsletter and I think they’re worth putting out there.

Reason No. 1: We all have enough email to wade through every morning. I get daily devotions and prayers in my inbox, along with multi-daily ads for sales and deals (I’m looking at you, Bath and Body Works!). Otherwise I use email for work and communication. I don’t needs blog posts coming in to distract me all day and you probably don’t either.

Reason No. 2: I hate popups. If I have to close your subscribe popup and your Pinterest popup and your Etsy shop popup, I’m probably not going to take the time to get down to whatever it is you wrote! That being the case, I want you to have an easy time getting around my blog by providing social media links if you’d like to follow me elsewhere instead of giving you a popup to close at every click.

Reason No. 3: I run this blog sorta like my real life relationships. If you want to be friends with me, great! I’ll do my best to be a good friend! If not, that’s fine, I’m not going to give you effort. If you want to follow my blog, the content is here weekly and I trust that you’ll be coming back to it. So any newsletter I could send out is going to be the exact same content that you’re already reading when you get on my site. Who has time for that? No one. I already post my content on Facebook and Twitter and you can also find me on Bloglovin’ (where I do my blog following). And maybe if I’m not bugging you to subscribe every two seconds, you’ll come back more often!

I’m not saying that I will never ever have a newsletter. I might someday. But not today. Today my blog is my hobby, something I do because I enjoy it. I don’t make money from it and I can write about whatever the heck interests me, no matter what my audience wants to read. Someday that might change, but not today.

Now I’d like to know, do you like to subscribe to newsletters? Can’t abide them? Couldn’t care less?

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