Frivolous Friday

Frivolous Friday

Friday is finally here! I’ve rather been looking forward to it all week. One of my friends is getting married tonight so we get to start off the weekend with a party and then Dearest Carl is gone on a guys’ retreat so I have the house all to myself! All the ice cream, all the bed and all the kitty snuggles. Also, I snagged War and Peace for $3 on Amazon last month and have been saving it specifically for this weekend. So now you know exactly what I’m going to be doing… lots of coffee and lots of James Norton and Lily James.

What are you up to?

He’s my lovin’ one-man show

Do what works

Guide to scones

Dish display tips

Great plant chart

Kitchen goals, people and all

Staging for living

I got Patsy

Have a great weekend!

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