Date Night

Dating In May

Ah May. The month of mowing grass and planting gardens and soaking in all the sunshine you can possibly hold. While you probably have some Mother’s Day celebrations and graduation open houses to attend, it’s good to remember that the most important relationship here on earth is the one you have with your spouse. Use these date nights to invest in that relationship this month.

Make Candles – Candles are a simple DIY that anyone can do. Get yourself some beeswax and spend some time together making a Mother’s Day candle for all the moms in your family.

Go Bowling – Bowling can be a super fun and affordable activity! Take an evening to engage in some friendly competition.

Take A Walk – May is the month we start thinking about summer vacation. Whether you have one on the calendar or planning on scheduling one, take a walk specifically to talk about some of your summer vacation hopes and dreams.

Double Date Night! – Sometimes the best date nights are the ones you spend with friends. Have another couple over for euchre and dinner at your house.

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