Frivolous Friday

Frivolous Friday

Weeks just seem longer when you have something to look forward to. This week was particularly long, with the hot and heavy weather and the full days leaving me dragging at the end. But I took time to fold laundry and make sun tea and listen to podcasts while I weeded the garden. Dearest Carl and I also had a little date night, eating burgers from Culver’s and watching Fantastic Beasts from Redbox.  Today I’m packing and cleaning and prepping for a weekend gone camping with Dearest Carl and his siblings. We’re going to a park we’ve never been to before and there will be bonfires and hiking and toasted marshmallows and giggling in the dark. I love these weekends. They are so refreshing! To put the phone away and not think about work or to do lists or anything stress related. Just me and the Watkins under the sky. I’m ready.

What are you up to?

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Have a great weekend!

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