Quick Tip: Milk Glass Vases


Am I the only one who has a battle with decorating clutter? I find that I periodically sort through my boxes of decorating supplies and pair down on things that no longer really like or haven’t used. And then I get the opposite problem of not having something when I need it.

Flower vases are something that you won’t probably use every day so it’s tempting to ditch them altogether because why take up the storage space? However at some point, you will need one or two. I have a nice collection of milk glass vases leftover from my wedding and I’ve come to the conclusion that they are pretty essential for every home. Since they come in white, they’ll match any decor you have and any bouquet you get. They come in various sizes and patterns (I adore the hobnail pattern above myself!) and you can find them cheap at thrift stores whenever you go. I have mine lined up on a shelf in my china cabinet and I use them all the time. Also, since they’re all white they do look nice and tidy lined up in the cabinet.

No more clear glass, no more colors, go white, simple and beautiful.

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