My Summer To Do List

I am proud to report that I crossed off almost everything on my spring list! It was such a good spring with lots of vases filled with flowers and walks in the sun and birds at the feeder. Now I’m ready for the slower summer pace, even if A/C and ice cream are the only things helping me survive the heat until September.

  • Find a place for my new hummingbird feeder.
  • Make the perfect iced coffee.
  • Mow the whole yard in under two hours.
  • Host a party in the backyard, complete with fireworks.
  • Read more than two books before Fall.
  • Paint the kitchen pale blue.
  • Grill something new like shrimp or pineapple… or both!
  • Go for a Sunday afternoon picnic with Dearest Carl.
  • Spend a week in a cabin with most of my in-laws.

What’s something you want to do this summer?

Image via @tangoandfoxtrot

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