Frivolous Friday

Frivolous Friday

Is it Friday now? For some reason this week just felt so jumbled up. Every day I wasn’t quite sure what day it was. It was all good though! Dearest Carl and I were super productive with work, the cat got brushed, the brother was celebrated, the cucumber invaded the tomatoes, and we spent a lot of time in the A/C. While I do love the slower feel of summer, the reality of Indiana summer weather is not my fave. Also, I ordered a couple pieces online and all of them fit perfectly! That was magical.

This weekend will be a goooooood mix of family fun and hometime. We have a family wedding tomorrow evening but Sunday holds all the possibilities for fresh cookies and video games. Which is just how I like them. What are you up to this weekend?

Oh those summer nights

Share the real

Nothing like melty cheese

Embracing the early hours

These are perfection

All those vintage touches

Willy nilly silly old bear

Have a great one!

Image via I Miss How It Was Before


  1. This was filled with extra goodness this time! xo

    1. curlyhair23

      Thanks girl!

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