Dining Al Fresco No. 4: Kid’s Dinner Party

While Dearest Carl and I are currently kidless, that means some really late nights are the norm for us and I realize that not everyone can do that. When little ones are your priority, it’s tempting to skip the invitations because you’ll be the first to leave anyway. But just because those tiny ones give you a curfew doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some fun! Invite all your friends with kids into your backyard for some kid friendly fun and kid friendly food. I promise that these recipes will be hits with your little people!

Salad On A Stick – When kids get picky, you have to get tricky, especially with some of those veggies. Instead of giving them a plate of green stuff, stack your salad fixings on a stick to make eating much more appealing.

Taco Pizza – Everybody likes tacos, but they can be kinda hard for little ones to eat. Put your favorite taco ingredients on pizza instead! It will be a hit for kids and adults alike.

Dessert Kebabs – Yes, more sticks. This one just stacks fresh berries and donut holes for the easiest kid friendly dessert you’ve ever seen.

Shirley Temples – This classic drink can be make up special for the kids and then you can add the punch for the adults. Everybody feels pampered in the end.

Popcorn Snack Mix – Many people let their kids stay up later than usual at summertime parties. So when Jimmy and Alice are tugging at their parents because they’re hungry at nine o’clock, bring out this popcorn snack mix that will keep them occupied until it’s time to go home.

Image via Type A Society

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