Date Night

Dating In July

If you really want to look back on these summer months as golden, you’re going to need to brave the heat. Grab your sunscreen and get out and about in your city. It’s the best way to enjoy these summer days.

Make Red, White and Blue Cocktails or Mocktails – There are all kinds of delicious recipes that have those patriotic colors involved. Pick one to try together.

Attend an Outdoor Concert – Grab your lawn chairs and go listen to some good music together. Bonus points if you make snacks for the trip.

Play the Tourist in Your Town – Take a Saturday to visit the local museums and hot spots that you haven’t been to in forever… or at all!

Spend a Day Together at a Pool or Lake – Whether it’s your apartment pool or a friend’s lake house, if you have access to water, choose a hot summer day to go hang out waterside.

Image via Anna Peters

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