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You may be surprised to find a fashion post in the lineup this week because I don’t really talk much about fashion. My style most of my life has been whatever is cheap and fills the purpose. But this summer, I’ve purchased a few pieces, all at different times to fill a purpose, and discovered they really are headed in the desired direction for my closet. Namely, classic versatile pieces that fit a 25 year old. And I got so excited that I had to share them!

Before I get started, I want to warn you. As I have said before, I’m not a photographer. I probably should have tried on each piece to model for you but I don’t live with a photographer and I don’t have money for one either, so get ready for a bunch of flat lays. It’s the best I can do at the moment. Hopefully you get the idea! Here we go.

It all started with this dress. I found this chambray beauty while casually rifling through the clearance section at Walmart. It had a lovely $10 tag and I decided it would be a great addition to the closet. It’s actually a little loose fitting on me but it has the tie for some definition and it comes to my knees which is perfect. I’m looking forward to styling it with leggings, scarves and cardis come Fall! (Similar)

Very slowly, I’m becoming acquainted with black and we’re actually making friends. So when I found this at Rue21, I immediately starting running matching outfits and possible events to wear it to through my head. It’s sheer fabric so you have to wear a tank underneath but it’s flowy, light and comfortable.

And then I became that person that buys the same top in different colors. Rue21 was having a sale so I got this white top and the black one above both for $20. Now all I want to do is wear these to every single thing I leave the house for, even the grocery trip. They’re easy to toss on with jeans and statement earrings for a bit of bling.

Okay so this picture is more of a black blob, but I promise you it’s actually a maxi dress. Anyone who has known me long knows that I gravitate towards them so when I found this on Amazon, I couldn’t resist. Seriously, it’s the most comfortable dress I’ve ever worn in my life. It has a pretty big slit up each side so it feels a little more grown up but it’s still completely modest and since there isn’t really a waist, you can wear it with a belt to give some definition. Plus, pockets!!!

Do you ever continuously covet shoes? Like you really want them and then you forget about them and then you find them again and want them again. That’s kinda this story. I’ve been wanting some Lotta clogs for a long time but I’ve never had the ability to shell out almost $100 for them, let alone any pair of shoes. So imagine my excitement to find these clogs from Target for less than half the price of the lookalikes!! I’m still working on breaking them in but I really love the look and I can’t wait until we’re besties.

So now I’m inspired. I’m still going to wear my colorful scarves and sparkly statement necklaces, but I’m looking forward to making my closet something I love instead of having hangers full of $5 purchases that I’ll wear twice.

What are your closet staples and your favorite places to get them?

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