Frivolous Friday

Frivolous Friday

It’s Friday! I hope your week was filled with A/C and ice cream. We’re eating cucumbers on everything over here. I made this bread (which was awesome) and a cucumber salad and I’m running out of options. Quick pickle tips, anyone? Also, we’re going to try this couch delivery thing again today. Hopefully it will finally get here because all I’ve wanted to do this week is be spammy with pictures of our new couch. Is that too much to ask? So there’s my week. A flurry of work and cucumbers and turning down the A/C to balance out the humidity. Not too bad for the depths of July.

What are you doing this weekend? We’re headed to a LAN party tonight with friends (hours of Minecraft for me) and I’m going antiquing with my mom on Saturday. Sunday, who knows! I know it’s going to be a nice one, just what you need after a busy hot week.

Come back home

Hosting in the summer

Six dresses

Make this THIS weekend

Strawberries in my garden

Love those neutrals

For the record, I have every version

Have a good one!

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