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Dating In August

While the kids are heading back to school, the fun goes on for us adults. One perk of growing up is you don’t have a bedtime because school nights are outdated. Here are a couple ways to enjoy August to the fullest before the weather starts getting chilly.

Visit a Local Festival – Put on your walking shoes and spend an evening strolling around a local festival. Be sure to indulge in each other’s favorite Fair food to complete the trip. 

Go to the Farmers Market –  Here in Indiana, late July and August are the months when homegrown produce abounds. Head to the closest farmer’s market and get some fresh ingredients to make brunch together.

Steak n’ Shake Happy Hour – I’m not talking about 1-3PM…. Have a marathon of your favorite TV show until the early morning Half Price Shake hour at Steak n Shake. It’ll make you feel all spontaneous and young again.

Destination Road Trip – Pick a museum or state park in a city you’ve never been to and take a day trip together. Don’t forget to bring a list of fun questions for the driving time.

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