What We're Eating

What We’re Eating

Is it just me or did this weekend fly by too fast? How is it even Monday… Okay, Dunkirk verdict: good movie, very intense, wonderful soundtrack, another stellar performance by Kenneth Branagh. I’ve decided I don’t like going to movies in the morning though. It just makes me sluggish the rest of the day. So I spent Saturday afternoon working on posts and we had guests for dinner. Yesterday my friend and I traipsed around the State Fair after church, petting sheep, ogling cheese sculptures and critiquing baked goods. It was such a good weekend.

This week we’re looking at a full calendar. So many responsibilities require a lot of coffee. But since we’re bookending the week with pizza, we can hardly go wrong with the menu. There can never be enough pizza.

Monday: Pizza
Tuesday: In The Pantry
Wednesday: Out to dinner with my sis-in-law
Thursday: Shrimp and Polenta
Friday: Pizza with the Watkins

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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