Lincoln State Park Vacation Recap

It’s just a fact, Lincoln State Park produces so many memories. The good, the bad, the ugly, the funny, it all happens there. And inevitably we come home in a glow of contentment and with a flurry of leftover snacks. Here is a peek into our spectacular, technology free vacation.

Our first two days at LSP were spent trying to keep up with three nieces and two nephews. We went hiking and watched them climb the fire tower. We hung out at the beach, throwing seaweed at each other. We had finger puppet shows between meals and frog catching walks. And after the tired little eyes closed and swept them into sleep, the rest of us spent the late night hours snacking and playing games and laughing at jokes and stories and things that are only funny at 1 am.

When we waved the kids goodbye on Wednesday, all of us seemed a little listless. Maybe it was just the exhaustion but there was a self imposed hour or two of quiet time. Reading, coloring, napping, whatever our vacation selves wanted to do. Thursday was a whirlwind of activities. Everything you want to do before you leave has to be done on Thursday or not at all. The morning held a scavenger hunt that I had put together for the group (best year yet!) and then after lunch, my SIL Bekah and I headed to the beach while the rest of the crew participated in the annual Ice Cream Race, a bike ride to the nearest grocery store to procure ice cream and then get it home before it melts. We spent the rest of the afternoon all together on the sand again and ended the night with cheesy brats and a rousing game of Scattergories.

Other notes: I didn’t wear makeup for a whole week and it was glorious. My BIL Mark made a ton of smoked pork (so much that we ate it for several meals) and it was the best pork I’ve had in my life. I got the sunburn I had sworn I wouldn’t get this year. Raccoons are smart sneaky devils and mousetraps are on the packing list for next year. After a while, you don’t smell the layers of bug spray.

Even just a few days away was so refreshing and made me feel rested and rejuvenated. I came home looking forward to the Fall season that is quickly approaching and ready to do some planning and dreaming to really embrace it. Vacations that do that are the best ones.

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