Strong Women In Movies Pt. II

You all seemed to love my last post about strong women in movies, so I decided to give you a few more. You might notice that all of them are period pieces but since that’s my jam, that’s what I know the best. However, we do have a good mix of old classics and new flicks. So browse and watch to your heart’s content!

Cinderella: Everybody knows the story of Cinderella and her glass slipper. But she is one heroine that really inspires me! In her short life, Cinderella loses both her parents and sees her beloved home taken over by a selfish bitter woman. Yet even though Cinderella’s life is fraught with trouble and injustice, she does everything with a smile. She is kind to everyone, even her stepmother and stepsisters, and at the end of the movie her line “I forgive you.” just tears me up inside. I know she’s fictional but her motto of “Have courage and be kind” is one I take to heart.

Milly Pontipee: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is another classic in the Watkins household. We can sing all the songs and quote most of the lines. But it wasn’t until my adult years that I’ve been able to appreciate Milly. Here is this sweet girl with a good job and people that care for her, and she leaves it all behind to go care for “seven scroungy backwoodsmen.” Though she doesn’t realize it’s seven until she gets there. And what does Milly do about this hiccup? She rolls up her sleeves and puts her new kitchen in order. Her opinion of hard work and decency are something we can all copy.

Maud Watts: Did you see Suffragette? It came out last year and was another of those hailed feminist movies. Suffragette tells the story of the early suffragettes through the eyes of a newcomer to the cause. Maud leaves her family, friends and personal safety behind because she lives daily in the shadow of oppression. She has experienced first hand how young girls can be worked to death and taken advantage of in the process and she’s had enough. She loses everything to make the world a better place for the overlooked of the time. Thankfully nowadays the world probably won’t take away our families while we stick up for something we believe in… though we might live to see those days again. And I only hope I’ll have the guts like Maud.

Elinor Dashwood: Oh sweet Elinor. She is so strong and brave because there is no one else to be strong and brave for them. After losing their father and their home in a short time, she guides her mother and sisters through their grief. There are many scenes throughout the movie of Elinor caring for the garden, finances and women of her family. And of course, stashing her own broken hearted feelings away to better care for her sister. Elinor Dashwood is a master of her feelings when something just needs to be done. She is the kind of sensible person I’d like to be someday.

Have you noticed any admirably strong women in any movies you’ve watched lately?

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