Frivolous Friday

Frivolous Friday

You guys, I can feel it coming. With the cooler weather this week, I can just feel Fall around the corner. Are you ready? Dearest Carl and I had a debate a while back about when a season actually starts and we discovered that Dearest Carl defines seasons astronomically and I define seasons meteorologically. Meaning, for Dearest Carl, Fall starts September 22 and ends on the first day of winter (December 21st). For me, Fall starts September 1st and ends November 30th. Mostly I leave Dearest Carl to his rants about a season coming too soon, but since I’m the designated cook and decorator in our home, we go by my seasonal clock. And I am so ready for Fall and everything that comes with it!

This weekend Dearest Carl and I have a few plans but nothing crazy. Movie night with friends tonight, Antiquing Date with my mom tomorrow, and sister-in-law’s birthday celebration Sunday evening. It’s going to be all good fun! What are you up to?

S2 on Sunday!

Vintage hobbies

A ballerina’s day

Donuts donuts donuts

Operation Time Out

I need these

Too early?

Currently burning

Have a good one!

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