Five Years Later

Five years. Sixty months. 1,825 days tomorrow. I ask myself, how can it already be five years? Didn’t we just say “I Do” yesterday? But then part of me feels like we are old souls who have known each other since forever. Still, five years is a mile marker on the road.

Dearest Carl has taught me so much in five years, simply by being himself. He is the hardest working man you will meet and even when he sits idle, his fingers are itching for something to do. He is devoted to his people. Me, our families, our church, our friends, he will move Heaven and Earth to be there for us. He is a genius, fixing cars and updating our house and keeping everyone’s technology working, yet he still has an inquiring mind and often tells me about something new he’s just learned. He is frugal, managing our money in a way that glorifies God and lets us live well. His example is inspiring and encourages me to do better every single day.

Along with doing better, five years of marriage has inflated some necessary qualities in myself. I have learned patience… oh so much patience. Patience with a smile instead of an attitude. I have learned silence, because sometimes what I want to say definitely isn’t what I should say so it’s better to say nothing. I have learned endurance. Yes, five years is nothing compared to some, but I have read that the fourth year is actually one of the most common for divorce. And we’ve made it though that. We have struggled and stretched and fought and fumed, and he is still the one I want to go to bed with every night. Endurance. I have learned the art of prayer. Because some days are just too much. Some days I have no patience and I’m not silent and I would love to banish him to the couch. Especially those days I’ve learned to be in constant dialogue with God. He has the strength that I don’t. He has the patience I don’t. He has the grace I don’t. And I’m thankful that he will give me some measure of those things if I ask.

Five years later, we’re both better and more than we were on September 1st, 2012. So we wave our hats to this mile marker on the road of life as we fly by. God has certainly brought us here and His faithfulness will see us to ten, twenty, fifty years.

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  1. congrats!!!! here’s to many mo=)

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