Fall 2017 Movies

Anyone else feel like this past summer was a dry spell for good movies? If I haven’t said already, I’m so over the superhero movies. Dearest Carl and I saw Dunkirk but there really was nothing else that I wanted to see. However, this Fall is stuffed with wonderful looking movies! Here are five that I’m particularly excited about.

Victoria and Abdul: Queen Victoria has been a popular subject for the screen lately. And here is another bit about her life. Being set in her later years, I’m quite excited about it since I don’t know much after the Prince Albert years. Plus it looks to be quite beautiful. (Currently showing)

Goodbye Christopher Robin: I just love stories about famous authors! Finding Neverland, Miss Potter, Becoming Jane, they all have a special place in my heart. So when this appeared on my Facebook feed, I was immediately head over heels. Domhnall Gleeson promises to play the perfect author. (In Theaters October 13)

Murder on The Orient Express: Oh Poirot. Dearest Carl and I so enjoyed watching through the TV series and we were both pretty thrilled at the prospect of seeing Hercule on the big screen. I’m confident that Kenneth Branagh will do him justice. Also, starring Judi Dench! She’s been busy! (In Theaters November 10)

The Man Who Invented Christmas: Two movies about an author in one season? I’m in heaven! Not only is this about beloved Charles Dickens, he is portrayed by dreamy Dan Stevens. I will go see this by myself if necessary, I’m so in. (In Theaters November 22)

Darkest Hour: Dearest Carl and I discovered that WWII movies are satisfying for us both, being period pieces and war tales. We saw this preview while viewing Dunkirk and it looks very good! Lily James plays in it which is a win for me. (In Theaters November 22)

What Fall movies are you looking forward to?

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