Bathroom Project Progress

Do you have a project that just lags on and on? Then you can commiserate with me. Our upstairs bathroom has been under construction for entirely too long. Currently though, Dearest Carl is hanging drywall and researching everything possible about tile. It’s slowly beginning to take shape and I have been having the best time dreaming about tile and flooring and scrolling through farmhouse bathrooms on Pinterest. Here are two of my favorite examples:

We’ve decided on a few things like our sheet vinyl floor and faucets which meant I could put all my ideas together. Behold, my bathroom moodboard.

This is actually the first real moodboard I’ve put together for any of our rooms and I’m sold! It really does help you to plan the room when you can see all the elements together beforehand.

Anyway, I hope that our bathroom will be done by the end of the year but whenever it happens, be encouraged that I will definitely post before and afters!

Bathroom Inspiration 1 // 2

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