Frivolous Friday

Frivolous Friday

Is anybody else tired of the hot weather? We’re finally going to get a bit of a break this weekend but it’s back into the 80’s next week. Come on Indiana! My scarves and boots are all ready! Okay, enough ranting. How was your week? Mine was full of work and catch up. I’d let the dust bunnies take over my house so it was about time to sweep the corners really well. I also made a batch of fresh tomato sauce for the freezer and I couldn’t help but smile at my stash! Two containers of homemade chicken broth, a bag of crushed tomatoes, a bag of sauce and several bags of apple pie filling. We’re going to eat well this winter.

This weekend we’ll be road tripping to Feast of The Hunter’s Moon on Saturday and gosh are we excited! It’s a day full of soaking up history and browsing through fur caps and wooden swords and drinking homemade root beer. We always come home smelling like bonfire too. It’s one of the best days of the year. Other than that though, we’re pretty free and easy this weekend! Although I said that last weekend and we sure filled it up so I guess we’ll see. What are you up to?

Not gonna let you change my mind

Why we rest

Craving pancakes lately

Beautiful dusty color

All those plants!

Let’s do this

Choosing joy

Will it brulee?

Have a good one!

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