What We’re Eating: Camping Edition

Before you ask, we are not hardcore campers. When the Watkins go camping, we go for two nights to some state park or other and we do this twice a year. But it’s a beautiful twice a year. Usually it’s the two of us plus a variety of siblings-in-law and friends so there’s a crowd. That’s what makes it fun though! I am the cook of the trip so it’s my job to plan the meals, shop for the ingredients and complete any prep before we leave. Since it’s more than just Dearest Carl and I, there are a few recipes we default to. Here’s what we’re eating when we go camping.

Breakfast: Instant Oatmeal because it’s something hot on a cold morning and it only requires hot water. Donuts because… donuts. Instant Coffee, again because it only requires hot water.

We’ve tried eggs over the fire and they’re always too overcooked for me. Plus when we stay up so late, no one really wants to cook breakfast in the morning so it helps to just be able to start the fire and put the kettle on. And yes, I do have a lovely blue camping kettle.

Lunch: Sub sandwiches, made with $1 french bread loaves from Walmart and a variety of lunch meat and cheese from Aldi. Chips and apples on the side.

We always have this for lunch with not much variation. I prep the sandwiches before and then people can add mayo and mustard as they wish. It’s a pretty big hit and since I make several subs, we always have enough for the drive home.

Dinner: Hot dogs and brats are obviously an easy and classic option. Pigs in a Blanket which are basically crescent rolls wrapped around a hot dog and cooked over a fire. Loaded fries, cooked at home and then sprinkled with cheese, bacon bits, green onion and ranch dressing over the campfire.

Hot dogs get boring after a while so we’ve put together several options that make dinnertime more interesting. Of course these things go out with chips, apples, candy, cookies, basically any and all things we brought to eat.

Like any good camping trip, we spend the rest of the time snacking and we still get home with extras, but everybody enjoys passing around the different favorites.

Now it’s your turn. What are your favorite camping recipes?

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