Frivolous Friday

Frivolous Friday

Hey hey! How was everybody’s week? Ours was a bit slower and I got to spend some lovely time at home which was just what my soul needed. The fridge was filled, a box of candles delivered and many last minute details for the weekend accomplished. One of the best moments this week was the date night we had with cheese curds from Culver’s and the new Pirates movie from Redbox. It was so nice to relax together for an evening and talk and laugh and snuggle. I forget how wonderful such simple moments can be.

This weekend I’m off on a women’s retreat with some ladies from church. We’re doing a study on the book of Hosea and I’m really looking forward to it! Don’t worry, Dearest Carl has plenty of treats to keep him satisfied until I get back. What are you up to?

Time to break the rules

Fall flowers by name

Thank you Magnolia

Pumpkin spice awards

Spicy, creamy, pumpkin-y

This lady has my life

Informed without overwhelmed

Did somebody say “holidays”?

Have a good one!

Image via The Art of Slow Living

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