Frivolous Friday

Well guys, we made it to Friday. This week was such a good week over here. We had my sister-in-law spontaneously stay for a few days and each night felt like the sleepovers of the old days. I got to peruse through the Hearth and Hand collection at Target and visit the new IKEA in our city. The new duvet cover came in the mail and it’s just perfect. My writing assignments were Christmas related and my Christmas printable went live yesterday so naturally I had to listen to Christmas music all week.

Speaking of Christmas, it feels like people are getting into it earlier than ever this year. A few bloggers I follow put up their trees and lights directly after Halloween. Some of that is just the consumer culture we live in. But this year, I feel like some of it has to do with our world at the moment. Every week, there is a new tragedy sprawled across our screens. 2017 has battered us around pretty good. So while I’ve always been a staunch wait-till-after-Thanksgiving kind of girl, this year I’m relaxing. Cause we all need something happy and good to think about and what is better than baby Jesus! Don’t worry, I don’t have my tree up yet and I won’t until after the turkey is eaten, but I’ve been listening to Christmas music since October and it’s quite a bright spot in my life. You should try it!

Okay, on with the show. What are you doing this weekend? I’m at church tomorrow finishing up our Hosea study with some lovely ladies. Then Sunday we’re filling shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child with our small group. It promises to be a great weekend with such good things!

To build a dream on

Every single one

Goodbye depression

Menu maker

I need this


Serious table inspo

Get ready to hygge

Too soon?

Start singing

Have a good one!

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