10 Ways to Prep Your Guest Room for the Holidays

I love hosting, you guys. It’s a joy for me create a place of warmth and peace that our family and friends can retreat to and find rest. You can imagine that having a guest room is one of my hostess dreams come true. It’s definitely the ultimate hosting opportunity! Not just a meal and a board game, but a whole night and morning seeing to a guest’s needs and comfort. While our guest room is rather simple, I’m always challenged to think of more ways to make it a comfy place for any overnight guest. Since we’ve definitely gotten to use it, there are a few tips that I default to when prepping for guests. Here are the 10 things on my guest room checklist.

  1. Wash the sheets. Our kitty likes to hang out on our guest bed so I make sure that the sheets are fresh when someone comes to stay.
  2. Add an extra blanket. We keep our house chilly at night and I want to be sure that whoever is staying has the ability to sleep plenty warm!
  3. Provide the wifi password. Everyone needs it nowadays so I have a simple frame with this printable in it.
  4. Use a lamp. Overhead lighting is just bleh and I like having our guest walk into their room that’s softly lit by a table lamp. It makes it so cozy looking!
  5. Anticipate forgetfulness. I have a jar that is filled with travel size bath needs, toothpaste, etc. that I set on the dresser, just in case.
  6. Splurge on guest towels. It’s worth it to put out a fluffy towel for guests instead of a worn one. I know I’ve appreciated that in other people’s guest rooms.
  7. Fill a basket. Is your guest travelling in from out of town? Give them a basket full of water and small snacks so they won’t need to root through your pantry if they get the midnight munchies.
  8. Have reading material. Along with a few books, I have a basket of magazines in our guest room and I know people have used them.
  9. Light a candle. A soft scent like lavender or vanilla and be give a lovely welcome when a guests walks in.
  10. Decorate! You don’t leave your own bedroom walls bare, right? Hang a piece of art. Choose a patterned duvet. Add some throw pillows. Don’t give your bedroom the unused leftovers from your interior decorating.

While we had a guest for Thanksgiving, we don’t usually for Christmas. But I know that many of you might so I hope this will help you in preparing a lovely space for your holiday guest to stay!

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