What We're Eating

What We’re Eating

Good morning! How was everyone’s weekend? We had another full to the brim one over here but that isn’t likely to stop until after the new year. My sister’s choir concert was wonderful! Everyone did such a great job and she was beautiful. And then our time with my littlest sister was as Christmas-y as we could make it. It was a good start to the month!

This week is pretty normal over here. There will probably be a little more hot chocolate and maybe some spontaneous throw together soup for lunch, but otherwise it’s pretty chill. And we’ll be eating these cookies that I made just so I could take a picture for the #CozyChristmasChallenge. Don’t judge me.

Monday: Tomato Soup and Cheese Curds
Tuesday: In the Pantry
Wednesday: Chips and Dip
Thursday: Breakfast Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
Friday: Tuna Melts and Chips

What kinds of Christmas goodies are coming out of your kitchen?

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