Christmas House Tour 2017

It’s almost here! Only four more sleeps until the big day! This whole month long, I’ve been savoring our time at home. For some reason, I feel like I did especially well decorating this year and everything just feels especially cozy and festive. But I guess you can be the judge. Grab a cup and take a virtual tour of our holiday home!

Yeah, our porch gets pretty dusty. But that hasn’t stopped me from trying to spruce it up a bit this year. It’s definitely a work in progress and I’m excited for all the possibilities in the years to come!

Last year when we put up our tree in our newly renovated living room, I thought it couldn’t get any better than that. And then we got our giant sectional and it got even better. Since I’m working on my throw pillow game, I just had to add some red for Christmas and IKEA was a great help with that. It definitely turned into the coziest spot in the house.

Do you guys do advent? The lighting one more candle for four Sundays till Christmas? It’s a family tradition for both Dearest Carl and I and it’s been so lovely to carry that into our marriage. My parents gave us this advent wreath with a little Christmas devotional as a wedding present and we both enjoy the stories and carols that are now a little familiar.

This little reindeer is from the Watkins. Apparently Dearest Carl and his twin both have one so obviously this guy moved with us when we got married. It’s kinda fun to make him a part of our Christmas decor.

My mom collects nativities and has a piano full of them. While I don’t collect them, I do have a few sets! The blue one on the left is from my great grandmother who passed away several years ago. This is the small version because I have three wisemen and three camels still in the box that there just isn’t room for! The Willow Tree set was a wedding gift (one of my favorites). And the little block nativity was made by either Dearest Carl or I. We both made one when we were kids and nobody knows who’s set we have. But I guess that’s marriage, right?

On to the dining room! I’ve had probably four different kinds of table decorations now, all for something in particular. The day I took pictures, this setup was leftover from our church’s staff Christmas party. It was probably my favorite display besides the cat constantly nibbling on the pine.

You guys, I have a Christmas village this year! It’s the newest addition to my Christmas decor and I cannot tell you how pleased I am with it. My mom has one and I always loved it as a kid so having one of my own is a dream come true. The pieces were given to me by friends and family and now I’m just working on the little accents. I’m sure I’ll have a few to add next year.

This is my first year to really decorate our kitchen and it’s been fun! The print on the counter is from She Reads Truth and let me tell you, it’s easier to be in the kitchen so much when it’s a Christmas-y prospect. I also love how our daily advent house  (a Target purchase from a couple years ago) made my picture ledges seem all the more festive. We’re enjoying the daily chocolate we get from that.

Well there you have it. Those are the Christmas-ified spaces in our home this year. Thanks for following along! It’s been great having you here!

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