2017 In Review

Wow. What a year, huh? I think we’ve all learned some valuable lessons about self-care, media filtering and social following. Cause it was kinda a rough one with a lot of feelings and regrettable words. But even with the constant barrage of tragedies and differing opinions and pointing fingers, we managed to have a pretty good year! Here are a few of our favorite memories from 2017.

  • Traveling to Iceland! The sightseeing, the exploring, the adventuring, all of it.
  • Coffee dates with girlfriends.
  • Dearest Carl attending our church’s men’s retreat.
  • Sharing our Iceland photos and stories numerous times.
  • Having our home full to the brim with family on Mother’s Day.
  • Going camping at Indiana’s abandoned amusement park, Rose Hill.
  • Getting all dressed up to attend my cousin’s wedding.
  • Watching the new season of Poldark together.
  • Having a bunch of friends over for food and fireworks.
  • Joining the young adult small group at our church.
  • Watching a friend’s boys a few days a week in the summer.
  • Learning how to keep a bullet journal.
  • Seeing Dunkirk (and a couple other great movies!) in theaters together.
  • The annual Watkins vacation to a cabin in Lincoln State Park (this time with nieces and nephews!)
  • Celebrating our fifth anniversary!
  • Visiting our Chicago family for Labor Day weekend.
  • Serving our church on Work Day and getting the landscaping spruced up.
  • Attending Feast of the Hunter’s Moon.
  • Attending our church’s women’s retreat.
  • Reconnecting with Dearest Carl’s west coast aunt.
  • Hosting a Stranger Things Halloween party.
  • Sunday lunches and late nights with small group friends.
  • Dressing up as Batman villains for the Drumstick Dash.
  • Christmas date nights.
  • Christmas day!

It really has been a good year and I have all kinds of hopes and dreams for 2018. Are you ready for it?

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