Starting Fresh No. 1: Self

Do you ever find yourself a bit overwhelmed at the start of a new year? Maybe you’ve put together a long list of resolutions and they seem a little intimidating. Or maybe you feel like you need a change but aren’t sure where to start. When we hit January, after the cluttered busy holiday months, I long to feel fresh and new. Something beyond a list of resolutions. Something that will help me grab onto the new year with both hands and motivate me to jump into those goals with vigor. I used to think that something was a big change. “I’m going to exercise every day!” “I’m not going to drink any more coffee!” “I’m going to spend my evenings reading instead of watching TV!” All doomed to failure. Over time, I’ve discovered that it doesn’t take a big change to make you feel fresh and ready for the year to come. Little changes can help excite and motivate you towards implementing your goals.

As I was mapping out this post, I realized that I could divide these “starting fresh” ways into four different categories; self, the house, documents and memories, and social media. So for the next four weeks, I’m going to share with you some little things you can do so we can grab 2018 with both hands together! We’re going to start with some things you can do for yourself. Because nobody is going to drop those five pounds by tomorrow. So while you’re working on your eat better/exercise more goals, here are a few ways you can feel fresh right now.

  • Start a new devotional. I’m notorious for going back to the same couple devos and there are so many good ones out there! Choose a new one that will make you excited for your morning devotions and really speak to you in your time of life.
  • Change your shampoo. Yeah, it’s kind of a silly thing. But you’d be surprised how a new smell in the shower can make you feel fresh!
  • Clean out your closet. Time to be critical with your clothing. The sweater you haven’t worn once. The dress with the broken zipper. That pair of jeans you’re hoping to fit into again this year. Donate donate donate. Give yourself the gift of loving every piece hanging in your closet.
  • Treat yourself to sparkling water. The holidays are fraught with sweet drinks. I ought to know, I’ve tested them all. Help yourself get into a better habit with some sparkling water. La Croix is my go to but just about any brand will tickle your taste buds. Literally.
  • Listen to a new album. After you’ve put the Christmas music away is the perfect opportunity to find your new favorite band. A new set of tunes can give your music listening a little lift.
  • Listen to a new podcast. Want to feel like you’re really multitasking? Listen to a new podcast while you’re making dinner or folding the laundry. I love Young House Love and Things You Didn’t Learn in History Class.
  • Write a list. Organize your thoughts (resolutions, goals, wishes) for the new year in one place for easy reference.
  • Eat a big salad. Not just the thrown together lettuce and dressing. The one with the hard boiled eggs and ham and pepper and olives and all your other favorite toppings.
  • Make a face mist. There are all kinds of recipes for soft smelling mists that can help wake you up, energize you and keep you going on those dreary afternoons.
  • Go to bed earlier. Seriously. Set an alarm so you don’t forget. Take a book with you if you can’t fall asleep but go get under the sheets to catch up on some much needed rest.

Whether you do a couple of these or try them all, hopefully they will help you feel ready for the new year ahead in all it’s sparkling wonderful-ness! And don’t forget to come back next week to get inspired to give your house a refresh.

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