Starting Fresh No. 2: The House

Last week we discussed a few ways to use self care for feeling fresh. I hope it gave you some ideas to help you jumpstart your new year, feeling like a new you! Today we’re moving on from self care to home care. Yeah, today we’re going to talk about the house. One of my favorite subjects obviously! Because it doesn’t actually take a full spring clean to help your home feeling fresh and new. So get your favorite playlist ready and let’s do this together.

  • Put away holiday decor. You might have already put yours away and in that case, high fives all around! If not, it’s time to spend an afternoon getting the Christmas stuff put away.
  • Dust full surfaces. Since you’re already putting your Christmas decor away, dust while you go! Trust me, the clean shiny surfaces will have your space feeling bright and clean.
  • Try a new disinfectant. I love the Mrs. Meyers brand but anything besides what you normally use will smell different. Or even try making your own!
  • Clean out the fridge. I’m not talking about deep cleaning. I’m talking about the holiday sweets and other leftovers that have been in there for a while. You’ll feel good about pitching the extra cheesecake.
  • Find a home for all the new gifts you received for Christmas. Wash and hang the clothes. Put away the toys. Stash the games and movies. If it has a home, it won’t be cluttering the coffee table or in a pile on the bedroom chair.
  • Wash your sheets. Who doesn’t love the feeling of fresh sheets? Nobody. It’s a simple chore that makes the whole bedroom feel better.
  • Remove cobwebs. I don’t know about you guys, but our house gets cobweb-y fast. Take a broom and clear out the corners so you aren’t getting the haunted house vibes anymore.
  • Use a new blend in your diffuser. Pinterest is a library of essential oil blends. Choose one that works with the oils you have on hand.
  • Light a new smelling candle. You know me and candles. A new scented candle (or even an old one that’s been forgotten) is just the thing to bring some cozy to your wintery evenings.
  • Change out your pillow covers. This is why I keep pillow covers on hand. So I could stash my Christmas red ones and replace them with winter patterns in about two minutes. Whole new couch look without spending a dime on pillows this month.

I read someplace that you feel more motivated if you put on your tennis shoes, even if you’re just doing house chores. So let’s tie our laces and spend an afternoon implementing a few of these things to help our homes start fresh!

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