Winter Movie Night

Winter is the best season for movies. With the early dusk hour and frigid temps, it’s too tempting to snuggle up with a big bucket of popcorn and get lost in a story. So if you’re in the mood for just that, here are some of our favorite movies. Because what sucks you in more than a mystery?

The Thin Man: A man and his wife, solving one crime at a time. And after you are hooked on this hilarious adorable couple, there are five more adventures with them!

The Bletchley Circle: This mini series is totally gripping and chilling and everything else. Couldn’t stop watching!

North by Northwest: Alfred Hitchcock, starring Cary Grant? If you haven’t seen this, get on it.

Death Comes to Pemberley: Have you ever wanted to see beyond Pride and Prejudice? Now you can… and it’s not so pretty.

Clue: The game turned into a movie. You’ll laugh, you probably won’t cry, but you’ll be seriously entertained.

Poirot: We just love this little mustachioed Belgian. The TV show has enough seasons to get you through the winter but we also recommend the new Murder On The Orient Express.

So while Dearest Carl and I are on a mystery binge, what is your favorite mystery movie/TV show that I missed?

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