Starting Fresh No. 3: Documents and Memories

So we have freshened up ourselves and our homes and you deserve a fancy drink. We’re half way through and I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling fresher and more motivated already. This next step in starting fresh has to do with your important stuff. Papers and files, possibly from earlier than 2017, mounting up on your counter and on your computer. It’s time we organized them and gave them a home. Here are 10 ways you can start the year much more organized.

  • File 2017 papers. Bank statements, receipts, whatever papers are important to keep, find them a permanent home.
  • Print pictures! Either print some hard copies for albums or use a website like to print an album.
  • Organize computer files. Make your 2017 folder and start dumping things in it.
  • Throw away old receipts and ads. You know that stack on your kitchen counter? Clear it up. Most of it you can probably throw away so do that first.
  • Send any pictures you took over the holidays. There’s that one that needs to go to your cousin and the one you’d promised to send to your mom. Do it now and you can forget about it.
  • Send Thank Yous. Most likely you can complete this task in an evening if you just sit down with a cup of tea and git ‘er done.
  • Clean up your phone’s pictures/videos. You don’t need to keep all of them, really, and you’ll save yourself some space.
  • Install the Keyring app. A free app that lets you get rid of all those pesky loyalty cards on your keychain or in your wallet.
  • Start a 2018 planner. By now you might already have one and if so, hurrah for you!
  • Find a free printable 2018 calendar. Pinterest has dozens and dozens of printable calendars. Find one that suits your style and put it on your fridge.

These tasks might be things you need to work on over time, but once you’ve done them, I can promise that you’re counters and tech will feel clean and ready for the year ahead.

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