What We're Eating

What We’re Eating

Good morning! Everybody enjoy the weekend? I surely did. I spent most of my time resting, trying to get rid of this silly cold. That meant lots of reading and video games and Parks and Rec. I did get my cake made yesterday and I don’t think eggs have terrified me so much. But that’s the point of this whole thing, to make things that scare me. (Looking at some of the other recipes in this book, eggs are the least of my worries.) Anyway, I think it turned out fine but we won’t know until we break into it tonight.

What’s your schedule like this week? Now that I’m finally feeling a little better, I’m determined to get some things crossed off my to do list. And I’m super duper excited for the weekend though I can’t say why yet. Plus I have a free reward on my Starbucks card which always makes for a win week! In other news, here’s the menu. I’ve been looking forward to this stew all weekend. It’s perfect stew weather, wet and cold.

Monday: Drunken Beef Stew
Tuesday: In the Pantry
Wednesday: Ravioli
Thursday: Bacon and Eggs
Friday: Dearest Carl is gone so I’ll have something easy and probably from the freezer.

Do you put wine in your beef stew? Or any other secret ingredient you’d be willing to share?

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