Starting Fresh No. 4: Online

It’s hard to believe that we’re going into the last days of January already. But I hope that some of these ideas to refresh yourself, your home and your computer have helped springboard you into some serious motivation. Our last area to refresh this month is our online accounts. It’s easy to gloss over how much stuff piles up online and we just continue to pile on more and live with it. But this year, we’re going to change that. Here are five ways you can start:

  • Clean out your email. Have you ever heard of It’s a service that shows you all the lists you are subscribed to. While it costs money to unsubscribe straight from their page, you can use their list and unsubscribe from your email yourself.
  • Install Adblocker and Topic Blocker. Chrome users, these two extensions will save your life and both are free! Adblocker blocks what you expect: ads. Topic blocker is an extension that blocks certain things from your Facebook feed. Some of my words are football, NFL and NBA, keeping my Facebook feed sports free!
  • Unfollow accounts. Time to check up on your Pinterest, Instagram and blog following. If things really aren’t appealing to you anymore or they’ve changed their direction or you’re just bored of a certain aesthetic, go ahead and click unfollow to make your online accounts places that inspire and encourage.
  • Uninstall unused apps. That journal app you haven’t used in a year and the workout app you used once. Time to say goodbye.
  • Uninstall games. Because we all have goals like read more or take a walk or spend less time on a screen. Let’s collectively get rid of the pointless games on our phones that don’t help us achieve any of those goals.

Congratulations! We’ve successfully cleared out so many spaces in our lives. Now it’s time to move forward with our new goals and resolutions in the year ahead. Good luck!


  1. adblocker is ah-MAZ-ing!!!!!! loved all these life clearing tips=)

    1. curlyhair23

      Right??!! Everyone should be using it! 🙂

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