Frivolous Friday

Frivolous Friday


It’s Friday everybody! How’d your week go? Mine was pretty great. I checked a few things off my list that have needed doing for a bit which is always a good feeling. Also, I got to see The Greatest Showman Tuesday which was too long incoming. Why did I wait so long??? It was amazing. In other news, there’s leftover bacon from dinner last night so breakfast this morning was awesome. The perfect way to start off the weekend in my opinion.

What does your weekend look like? Dearest Carl is off on a men’s retreat this weekend so I’m gonna get a lot of girl time in and I have a bag of snacks just for the occasion. And then there is the Sunday cake to look forward to as well. It’s gonna be a great weekend!

This is me

Dream home

Plus crackers

Stylish IKEA

Mini fridge


Love this

Have a good one!

Image via Nature and Beauty

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