The Watkins At Home In January

Ready for a new monthly post? In last year’s survey, one of the most asked for posts was life updates. At first I scoffed because I’ve done the blog-your-journal thing and it doesn’t gain followers. So I was trying to brainstorm how I could share more about my personal life with you without making this space into a journal when I was super inspired by my friend Olivia’s monthly Homestead Dairies. Obviously I’m not going to be sharing about chickens and pie crust because I don’t have chickens and I’m terrified of pie crust. But in line with my hashtag #thewatkinsathome, each month I’m going to share about our house projects, things I’m reading/watching, baking, and whatever else I can think of to share. So welcome to the Watkins at home, in January.


You guys, I am so excited about this project. Just last weekend, while Dearest Carl was away on a men’s retreat, my mom came over and helped me paint our kitchen! I also replaced all the cabinet pulls and we’re replacing one cabinet with open shelves very soon. It was one of those I-need-to-get-something-done projects so I just up and did it and gosh does it feel good to have something done!

Currently I have no bathroom progress to report. We’ve been struggling with colds this month and moving a little slower than anticipated. But we have a friend who’s planning on helping Dearest Carl make some serious headway and I’m hoping our upstairs bathroom will be finished by March!


It wouldn’t be a me post if I didn’t include some food talk. I’ve told you my intentions to bake a cake every weekend this year from the book above and so far I’m on track! I started out with two molasses cakes that I wasn’t actually too fond of but Dearest Carl enjoyed. After that came the Maple Pecan Chiffon cake (a test in egg white whipping) and a Jam Cake. It’s been fun to spend a little extra time in the kitchen and the house smells so good on Sundays now!

You might remember that I tried making this stew last week. The result tasted good but there was almost no broth left and the meat was rather tough. I actually want to try it again and tweak it to see if I can do better. Beef stew is one of the most comfortable of comfort foods.


Okay, here’s the random life part. I’ll try to be brief but I can’t promise anything. Let’s start with entertainment, shall we? Currently on my bedside table or coffee table or wherever else I’m reading, I have City Farmhouse Style and How Do I Love Thee. The first is a gorgeous decorating book. The second is a fiction by one of my favorite authors. On the screens front, I’ve just started Call The Midwife S7 and it’s good stuff. Every episode makes me cry. It’s seriously my favorite show since Downton ended. As for movies, I just saw The Greatest Showman last week and loved it utterly. See Instagram for my review.

Don’t judge me, but I washed our couch cushion covers for the first time this month and I have to say that I’m super impressed! They came out so clean and white that I can now recommend the couch if you’re looking.

Also, in case you were wondering about any news on this infertility journey of mine. We have started looking into things. We’re taking the process slow, one decision at a time, but we’re finally on the same page! After four plus years, it’s a good feeling.

That’s about it this month. Being wintertime, there isn’t a whole lot to share. Our lives are filled with work, projects, friends and cake at the moment. I hope that these posts will become more interesting as time goes on and we take trips and plant a garden. Because yes, you will get monthly garden updates.


  1. Angie

    I love your update! Yea for fresh kitchen paint and cake!

    1. curlyhair23

      Thanks Angie! Looking forward to sharing lots more house projects and cake this year! 😉

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